Saturday, November 5, 2011

How time flies!

Oh my gosh! I let a lot of time go between posts! So you are probably asking yourself what we have been up to...or not, but I am still going to play catch up! 

Firstly we are in Missouri! And have been here for a little over a month. We left Pueblo on  September 24th and Arrived in St. Louis on the 26th. The drive was hard. 1) there isn't a lot to see east of Colorado. 2) I was in a car with a 3 year old, so the conversation was pretty much about Mario 3) When said 3 year old was asleep I had a lot of time to myself to think and reminisce and wish I didn't have to leave 4) at the time of this drive I was just in my 3rd trimester, which made for a lot of stops (poor Matt) and lastly 5) Matt was driving a big slow truck that was a little intimidating when going around semi's.
We were lucky enough to have a stay over spot in Topeka with Steph, Kyle and Jasen. They let us stay from Saturday to Monday when we had to get back on the road! The best "hotel" this side of CO!Of course as I previously mentioned we were in for several stops with a truck that was horrible on gas mileage and me who was needing a pit stop every 2-3 hours, which means it took us about 12 hours to get to Topeka! A normally 8-9 hour drive. 

When we finally got on the road Monday morning we were nervous and ready to be done with driving! Needless to say it took a little longer than anticipated with stops and traffic and construction! 
All in all we made it! 

First thing we did was move in and luckily had some help from the Elders Quorum here in our new ward! We tried to get as much settled in as possible. Nice thing was that Matt didn't have to go to work until the following Monday! We were able to take our time and see a few sites including the Gateway Arch and the Temple! Driving here is rough and we never used to see so much traffic unless we were on the N side of Springs at rush hour or going or coming from Denver! Made me nervous to drive. Which I had to do until we dropped off the moving truck (the day after arriving). That was an experience in itself! We knew where the drop spot was but we needed to leave the truck full of gas, and of course finding a gas station was tricky and the GPS was taking us in circles! It took us a bit longer than anticipated again!  

Anyway we have since settled in and have been doing well. The first few weeks were rough. I called my mom every day and we struggled not being able to have the internet to keep  up with everything happening as well as to look up places to go like a decent walmart! I cried a lot and was bored a lot once Matt went back to work! I get homesick and bored still, but we try to stay busy. 

Speaking of which  Matt keeps reminding me to enjoy the boredom b/c soon baby Anthony will be here! We are set to deliver on the 16th of November. In 11 short days to be exact. I think mentally we are ready to welcome the baby home, but physically we are a bit under-prepared! We need to set up the crib and get the baby bag ready and there are several things that we need to get! I have plenty of Kenyon's things that will be handed down to Anthony of course but I still want him to have a few things of his very own. Like a blanket and welcome home outfit and a few other things. All in time I suppose. (I should actually be sewing a few of his things right now in fact.) I think the move and settling in pretty much took all of the "nesting" desires out of me. We will just have to do it this week!! (get excited Matt!)

So we are here. Getting accustomed to everything. Cardinals, traffic, noisy neighbors, Town home living, Matt not being 3 minutes away from home, 1 car, Skype, being far from family than we ever have been and more than anything really relying on each other! 

This is going to be fun and different and hard at times but we are up for the challenge! 

Here are some pics taken shortly after our move:

 The sunset as we left CO! I literally took this and then glanced to see the "leaving colorful colorado sign"!
Like I said not a lot of scenery! We did have walkie talkies though!
 Crazy traffic in the middle of the day heading to the temple!
St. Louis, MO Temple. 
(sorry for the sideways pics-- I uploaded them right side up and can't figure out how to turn them in blogger?)

 Missouri River-- Matt crosses this thing every day to get to work!
 Gateway to the West Arch!
 At the Museum before going up into the Arch!

Matts work!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We are moving to Missouri! We have been very busy getting ready for this! I know I have mixed emotions but ultimately we know that Heavenly Father's hand is in all things and that this is what needs to happen now! 

We will be sad to leave the comfort and love of our family but will be back as often as we can to visit and see everyone! 

Matt's Birthday!

Well I couldn't let this time pass with out writing a little bit about how we celebrated Matt's birthday!He is 27 and I think he isn't quite sure about how that makes him feel yet. Aging is really just  a number though and he says he still feels like he is in his teens! With energy to tease and run after Kenyon and mow the lawn and go for a game of basketball sometimes too! (Well maybe not all on the same day!) Anyway let me tell you how the celebrations began.

Friday, Matt took work off, what's a birthday without a 3 day weekend after all. We were determined to get busy on looking for a car for him since his red car went out a while back. Anyway after a liesurely morning we all got ready to head to Springs in order to look at a particular dealership, that had an ok priced truck that we had our eye on. Matt and I were going to test drive it while Kenyon played at Grandma's house. After dropping him off we headed up to the small dealership and asked to test drive a couple of the trucks. Matt and I talked it over and inspected the outside of the trucks as well as the inside, we thought everything looked pretty legit. So we went in to negotiate, but were told that the price was non negotiable. Which was very surprising, we understood their side and after seeing the vehicle reports and upkeep records we felt pretty confident. We decided to go for it. Signed on all the lines needed and asked some last minute questions. We were then handed the keys to our new truck. Everything was great until Matt got into the neighborhoods around his parents home. We parked and he told me to get into the truck and listen. As we applied the breaks at the various stop signs we could hear a sort of grinding. And it didn't go away. We called the dealership and explained the issue and were told later to take it to the tire place across the street from their lot at 8am. We were really nervous. I could see the business of Matt's thoughts in his eyes. We were really confused as to what could have caused this noise and why we didn't hear it during the test drive.

We tried to stay calm and had made plans earlier in the day to go to a sky sox baseball game. The tickets were bought and thank heaven because we needed to get our minds off of the truck. We had dinner and talked and then I realized that we had nothing for the next day! And that the traditional birthday breakfast in bed would not be possible if we had to be at the car place so early in the morning. :) I was not happy about these things. We couldn't do much at this point though, so we all went on with our plan and headed to the game.

This was Kenyon's first baseball game and he was super excited! He came ready with his baseball shirt on and his glove! However, I don't think we explained what a baseball game was all that well because as the game was about to start Matt told him to "get ready and put your glove on" because the game was starting! Kenyon did just that and then as the players were called to the field he started to march down the stairs!! Matt caught him and asked where he was going and Kenyon said so very innocently, "I'm going to go play?!" He was a little confused (and so cute). Anyway we tried explaining what was going to happen but then of course as he is looking out on the field there are little kids in uniform out with the players tossing the first pitches or standing for the national anthem. Kenyon only looked and asked, "Why do they get to play?" or , "That's not fair." Again we tried to explain but I am not sure it ever really made sense to him. One day it will! In the end he did have a really great time and we cheered on the home team, although they lost miserably! We danced and yelled for them to put in another pitcher, sang with the songs and using our expertise about baseball critiqued the technique of every player. The Sky Sox could have really used us on their team! We saw the team mascot and Kenyon liked him, as long as he stayed far away. Of course you can't go to a game without some snacks (according to Matt) and Kenyon picked popcorn and hot chocolate! He loved it saying, "I love this popcorn and salt!" He actually danced and was really getting comfortable standing on the seat until some older men behind us asked him where he learned to dance so great! Kenyon just stared at them and slowly made his way into my lap. When those older men left he noticed some little girls dancing and playing and he turned around in his seat to watch them. Later he told me that the two girls were his girlfriends. I told him he couldn't have a girlfriend until he was married! We laughed and had a great time. The game of course was horrible but the fireworks made it worth waiting around for! Kenyon loved the green fireworks! It was very late when we got home but were very lucky to be able to stay at Matt's parent's house. We went to sleep after chatting.

Unfortunately as we lied down the truck was not far from our minds, especially Matt's. The stress was coming back. We prayed that everything would go okay the next morning and that we would feel reassured with our decision, hoping for good news from the mechanics.

The next morning we made sure to listen for the grinding noise on our way to the mechanic, and sure enough it was real. We explained everything and waited for around 45 minutes and didn't do much else until we saw the dealer show up. We walked over to hear what was up. We were told that they didn't hear a noise, that the light that was flashing at us was just a broken sensor and that we would have to take care of it and that they had found a broken/loose drive rod, which they would pay to have fixed. We wanted to be sure that they could hear the noise though and so Matt took the dealer for a ride to show him that we weren't crazy. He returned a believer and told the mechanic what he thought it was, the mechanic then asked for a ride with Matt. Just a few minutes later they came back with some other options for what it was. The guy said they would take another look under the hood and continue to work on the other issue.

So here we were with no real idea of what was going on and feeling very unsure of ourselves. The previous night we prayed everything would go smoothly today and that we would feel reassured, and so far none of that had happened. We couldn't deny the fact that we wanted the truck, but we just didn't want it in that condition. So what is a person to do?

We marched right over to the dealership and gave the car back---of course it wasn't as easy as it sounds the guy turned into something we hadn't seen before. He was angry and said he was trying to do what he could---and that he was doing so in "good faith." Anyway we struggled with the guy about what we owed. He started to say that the lady that takes things down to the county to be done had already picked up our papers and the work had been done. And we glanced over to where we had signed papers and said to him that we saw our folder on the table and that there was no way someone had picked up and filed the paperwork after we had left the previous day at 4:40 on a Friday.  The guy was stumped and tried to pull another fast one and charge us for 2 days of having the car-- again we were stunned b/c we again had the truck from 4:40pm, drove it to Matt's parents house and then were back up to the shop at 8am. That isn't even 24 hours. The guy then said that we had over 100 miles on the car and was going to charge .99 per mile... we stopped him then and explained that we stayed in Springs that night and that Matt had reset the odometer. We went over and wrote down the miles and got our things out of the truck. We settled with the guy and then started walking.

We went to the Mc. Donald's down the street and waited for Matt's dad to pick us up. I felt so bad for Matt. On his Birthday this is what happened. Crazy and Frustrating! I just had to make it better.

So I called Nayeli and Lori to see about the party we had been planning originally. Asked for their help in calling everyone and explained that Matt was so not feeling like a birthday boy. After a while we headed home from Springs. At home we all got showered and Matt got a nap. While he was napping I worked on a story about what the plan was that night and about our going to my mom's house for cake and ice cream. I was trying to clean and get things ready for everyone to arrive and not wake Matt up and make him suspicious at the same time...well I ran out of time, Matt woke up and I still hadn't gone to the store for the cake and ice cream and whatnot's. The time was coming and I was trying to figure out how to get him out of the house so that he wouldn't be here when people arrived. Of course he was hungry and wanted something to eat, and then got on the computer and checked his favorite sites. Time was running out and we had to go but I didn't want to give away the fact that I had planned something still and then Grandma Carrie and Grandpa Glenn came. I answered the door and quietly told them to come back in 15 minutes, and then Matt came to the door and they got to talking about the truck issue we had. At this point I was at a loss. I still hadn't gone to the store!

As soon as he came in I told him he had to get Kenyon and go for a walk because I had planned something and he better play along! He just smiled. I told him to go through the alley and I would come in the car to get them. As he left I called those that were waiting around the corner and told them the door was open and that I had to go-- I tried explaining why we were so late but it didn't matter at this point. And as I was on the phone with Lori and Kevin, guess who they happened to pass, Matt and Kenyon!

So I got in the car, picked them up, answered all of Matt's questions, and went for the items at wal mart. We came back and thanks to all the help from everyone had a great "Almost Surprise Birthday Party" for Matt. I think he had a blast and this was the first year that I had gotten this close to actually surprising him! I will keep trying of course!

Wow this was long-- sorry, a lot happened though! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Happy Birthday to my best friend and lover boy! I hope your day was great!

We love you!
Heather, Kenyon and Anthony!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girls Camp

Well, I slacked on writing for a few days due to girls camp preparations. My sis and I were asked to put together a craft where the girls could make fabric flowers for their hair. I was really excited when asked initially. I got to looking at ideas on line and playing around. We went to the fabric store and got some sample fabrics (which were free, and caused the ladies there to give us some sass). Anyway I got to it right away the next day creating what I hoped would be a cute hair accessory for older teenage girls.Here it is: (Excuse my hair)

I even showed my initial flower to my summer school students and one girl asked if she could buy it from me. I was flattered, and I definitely  gave her an A+++! Just kidding of course. Anyway showed it to some others including my family and everyone seemed to go for it. But when we went back for the fabric, what do you know a week later it is gone?!  So we got other fabric after what seemed like an hours of searching and debating over what color to use. We chose black polka dot with a white polka dot and a pink print with tulle. They came out a bit different.
Pink, Tulle puff ball.

What do you think? I still need a picture of the black one straight on -- I will add it later...if I remember! We decided to let the yw do both of the flowers (pink and polka dot). Little did we know that some wouldn't even be able to string a piece of thread...eek. While we were giving directions on the black one, another lady who I was sitting next to and helping began asking me very specific questions about the material and size and directions, I thought, 'Wow people are really liking this!' Then I find out that this woman actually makes and sells the hair flowers and bows!!!! What the heck-- she was just getting all my info from me! I felt a little taken, if you know what I mean. And this after telling her that I am the one that created this from various other styles and a lot of researching and trial and error! Chalk it up to experience. Maybe I should get into the hair accessory business and beat her to the punch of selling these. Anyway, I guess I will survive.

So we never got to the pink one, however there was going to be some other craft time, and since we went through all the work of getting the materials I was happy that they would still get to put it together. Until I got a call from my mom this morning at 8:40 telling me that she had been asked to direct the yw at the camp in making it at 9 am -- she had only 20ish minutes to figure out how to make it with my directions over the phone. Oh man did I feel bad for her. I am sure that it all turned out ok. And I can't wait to see some of the results. 

So all in all the day was good, but boy was it long!! I was so happy to be home! And I am definitely going to make today relaxing. 

Alright so before I go here are some other fabric flowers that I made!
 A mini puff ball.
Puff with a pearl!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Temple Day!

Went to the temple today! We had a good time and were able to go to Panera Bread which is Matt's favorite restaurant!! LOL -- there is a joke to that which I will fill you in on now:        My mom was having a branch activity for husbands and wives and she invited Matt and I. One of the activities that night was a newly wed type of game. Well they asked the women certain questions and the men certain questions and then we all came together and they asked the questions again and had us answer on the spot. The only question (ha! yeah right) that I answered wrong was: 
"What is your husbands favorite restaurant?"   

This question really baffled me. We had eaten out in some previous weeks and we hadn't been really happy with service and food coming to us cold and so I really had no idea what to say. Then it came to me, "We always go to Panera Bread when we come home from the temple!" I think that is probably his (our) favorite restaurant. 

Well when the men came back and that question was asked Matt said Chili's ! 
(What?! We hadn't eaten there in such a long time!)     

Anyway he looks at me puzzled I am sure at the fact that no one put a point up by our name. I tell him what my answer was and he laughs, saying, "We go there because you like it! That is your favorite restaurant!" 

Boy was I embarrassed! But I felt really special too! 
[Thanks Matt for taking me to my (our) favorite restaurant! ]
So anyway every time we go to Springs or to the temple I ask him, "Yay, we get to go to your favorite restaurant!" :) He just smiles. 


I just have to add also that in the game, that we got 2nd place in, Matt was asked,
"What is your wifes favorite place?" A very general question in my opinion. 

Anyway I couldn't even think of where that place would be (or much less what Matt would say that place is) because I am so full of variety, I am sure, so I went with, Hobby Lobby.

Matt's jaw dropped! I thought, "Gee, could he have said another craft store or my scrapbook room?" 

Matt very sweetly said, "I thought your favorite place was the Temple!?" 
I couldn't help but feel a little....well little. I also couldn't help but laugh to the point of tears. Of course I love the temple! He was so right. But to his (and my) defense the question was pretty broad.

Anyway I love the temple and all the blessings that can be found there! I am very lucky to be able to go regularly and have family that can watch Kenyon for the day! 

Thanks! And until next time, for all (2) of you who read this!


It is 1:43 in the morning and here we are, Matthew and I, awake....Playing with my mom's I Pod. Matt downloaded some music and some interesting apps and we can't settle for not winning something. So we keep trying! And we have mentioned already to each other the lateness of the hour but we keep it up. The Police Scanner app sure can be interesting too. And I have never before seen or known anything about crazy birds, or oh...I mean angry birds and I am afraid that I will like it as much as the marble game so I don't think I will. Yikes, someone just got pulled over and there was a mention of shots heard!? Its getting interesting!!! And there are 64 other people listening to police scanner.....OMG, they just mentioned the street that is one away from where we live. Holy Moly! Do we need a life? I mean it is now 1:52 and really what else is there to be doing other than sleeping?? (Rhetorical question). Well I think that is enough blogging for tonight. Maybe we will go to bed... I will let you know what we end up doing. Thanks for reading!