Saturday, November 5, 2011

How time flies!

Oh my gosh! I let a lot of time go between posts! So you are probably asking yourself what we have been up to...or not, but I am still going to play catch up! 

Firstly we are in Missouri! And have been here for a little over a month. We left Pueblo on  September 24th and Arrived in St. Louis on the 26th. The drive was hard. 1) there isn't a lot to see east of Colorado. 2) I was in a car with a 3 year old, so the conversation was pretty much about Mario 3) When said 3 year old was asleep I had a lot of time to myself to think and reminisce and wish I didn't have to leave 4) at the time of this drive I was just in my 3rd trimester, which made for a lot of stops (poor Matt) and lastly 5) Matt was driving a big slow truck that was a little intimidating when going around semi's.
We were lucky enough to have a stay over spot in Topeka with Steph, Kyle and Jasen. They let us stay from Saturday to Monday when we had to get back on the road! The best "hotel" this side of CO!Of course as I previously mentioned we were in for several stops with a truck that was horrible on gas mileage and me who was needing a pit stop every 2-3 hours, which means it took us about 12 hours to get to Topeka! A normally 8-9 hour drive. 

When we finally got on the road Monday morning we were nervous and ready to be done with driving! Needless to say it took a little longer than anticipated with stops and traffic and construction! 
All in all we made it! 

First thing we did was move in and luckily had some help from the Elders Quorum here in our new ward! We tried to get as much settled in as possible. Nice thing was that Matt didn't have to go to work until the following Monday! We were able to take our time and see a few sites including the Gateway Arch and the Temple! Driving here is rough and we never used to see so much traffic unless we were on the N side of Springs at rush hour or going or coming from Denver! Made me nervous to drive. Which I had to do until we dropped off the moving truck (the day after arriving). That was an experience in itself! We knew where the drop spot was but we needed to leave the truck full of gas, and of course finding a gas station was tricky and the GPS was taking us in circles! It took us a bit longer than anticipated again!  

Anyway we have since settled in and have been doing well. The first few weeks were rough. I called my mom every day and we struggled not being able to have the internet to keep  up with everything happening as well as to look up places to go like a decent walmart! I cried a lot and was bored a lot once Matt went back to work! I get homesick and bored still, but we try to stay busy. 

Speaking of which  Matt keeps reminding me to enjoy the boredom b/c soon baby Anthony will be here! We are set to deliver on the 16th of November. In 11 short days to be exact. I think mentally we are ready to welcome the baby home, but physically we are a bit under-prepared! We need to set up the crib and get the baby bag ready and there are several things that we need to get! I have plenty of Kenyon's things that will be handed down to Anthony of course but I still want him to have a few things of his very own. Like a blanket and welcome home outfit and a few other things. All in time I suppose. (I should actually be sewing a few of his things right now in fact.) I think the move and settling in pretty much took all of the "nesting" desires out of me. We will just have to do it this week!! (get excited Matt!)

So we are here. Getting accustomed to everything. Cardinals, traffic, noisy neighbors, Town home living, Matt not being 3 minutes away from home, 1 car, Skype, being far from family than we ever have been and more than anything really relying on each other! 

This is going to be fun and different and hard at times but we are up for the challenge! 

Here are some pics taken shortly after our move:

 The sunset as we left CO! I literally took this and then glanced to see the "leaving colorful colorado sign"!
Like I said not a lot of scenery! We did have walkie talkies though!
 Crazy traffic in the middle of the day heading to the temple!
St. Louis, MO Temple. 
(sorry for the sideways pics-- I uploaded them right side up and can't figure out how to turn them in blogger?)

 Missouri River-- Matt crosses this thing every day to get to work!
 Gateway to the West Arch!
 At the Museum before going up into the Arch!

Matts work!

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